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Cutting Processing Types

Processing and cutting refers to the process of cutting, shaping or processing materials using various processing equipment and tools. These processing equipment can include traditional mechanical cutting equipment, such as shears, lathes, milling machines, etc., or modern CNC cutting equipment, such as laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, water jet cutting machines, etc. The purpose of processing and cutting is to cut raw materials into the required shapes and sizes according to design requirements so that they can be used to manufacture parts, components or finished products. Processing and cutting plays a vital role in the manufacturing industry and is widely used in metal processing, plastic processing, wood processing and other fields.

What is laser cutting processing?

Laser cutting is a processing method that uses high-energy laser beams to cut materials. In laser cutting processing, the laser beam can produce a high-energy-density spot after being focused, and the material surface is instantly heated to melt, vaporize or burn it, thereby cutting the material.
Laser cutting has the advantages of high precision, high speed, and non-contact processing. It is suitable for cutting metal and non-metal materials. It is widely used in automobile manufacturing, aerospace, electronics, medical equipment and other fields.

How to Start Laser Cutting?

Usually we use two-dimensional design files to open laser cutting services, widely matching a variety of file formats, DXF, svg, ai, CAD files, and arrange them in an orderly manner according to the graphic design of the product to maximize the cutting efficiency of the product. The available area of materials effectively saves material loss and waste of excess materials.

What is Water Jet Cutting

Water jet cutting is a processing method that uses high-speed water flow or water flow mixed with abrasives to cut materials. In water jet cutting, high-pressure water flow or water flow mixed with abrasives is sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece, and the material is cut through high-speed impact and abrasion. This is a very efficient and high-precision material processing method.

Waterjet cutting is a processing method that uses a high-pressure water stream and an abrasive mixture to cut materials. In water jet cutting, high-pressure water flow is sprayed onto the surface of the workpiece, and abrasives are mixed at the same time. Through high-speed impact and friction, the material can be cut into the required shape. This cutting method is usually used to cut various materials such as metal, glass, stone, plastic, etc. It has the advantages of high precision, no heat-affected zone, and no burrs. Waterjet cutting is also widely used in industrial manufacturing and processing.

What is Plasma Cutting?

Plasma cutting is a processing method that uses high-energy ion beams generated by plasma to cut materials. In plasma cutting, the material is cut by melting and vaporizing the material using an ion beam generated in a high-temperature plasma.

This processing method is suitable for metals, alloys, stainless steel, aluminum alloys and other materials, and can achieve high-speed, high-precision cutting. The cutting speed is fast and suitable for mass production.

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Cutting Processing Material Selection

When selecting materials for cutting processing, it’s important to consider the specific properties and characteristics of the material, as well as the requirements of the final product. Here are some general considerations for material selection in cutting processing:

Hardness: Materials with high hardness, such as metals and hard plastics, may require cutting tools with high wear resistance.

Thickness: The thickness of the material will influence the choice of cutting method and equipment. Thicker materials may require more powerful cutting tools or methods.

Heat sensitivity: Some materials are sensitive to heat generated during cutting, so methods like water jet cutting or laser cutting may be preferred to minimize heat-affected zones.

Material type: Different cutting methods may be more suitable for specific materials. For example, laser cutting is often used for metals, while water jet cutting is suitable for a wide range of materials including metals, plastics, and composites.

Surface finish: The desired surface finish of the cut material may influence the choice of cutting method. For example, abrasive cutting methods may produce rougher edges compared to laser cutting.

By considering these factors, manufacturers can select the most appropriate materials for cutting processing to achieve the desired results.

Steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Alloy Copper
Q235 - F 201 1060 H62
Q255 303 6061-T6 / T5 H65
16Mn 304 6063 H68
12CrMo 316 5052-O H90
# 45 316L 5083 C10100
20 G 420 5754 C11000
Q195 430 7075 C12000
Q345 440 2A12 C51100
S235JR 630
S275JR 904
S355JR 904L
SPCC 2205

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