Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

We are A professional manufacturer with many years of production experience. We can offer a wide variety of steel products.

Can you deliver the goods on time?

Yes, we guarantee to provide the best quality products and deliver them on time. Honesty is the purpose of our company.

Do you provide the samples? Is it a free charge or an extra charge?

Samples can be provided to customers free of charge, but the express freight is borne by the customer.

Do you accept the third-party inspection?

Yes, we fully accept it.

How can I get your offer very soon?

The email and fax will be checked within 3 hours, and wechat and WhatsApp will reply to you within 1 hour. Please send us your needs and we will set the best price as soon as possible.


What steel sheet piles can you provide?

We can provide hot-rolled and cold-rolled steel plate piles of different types (such as Z-type steel plate piles, U-type steel plate piles, etc.) according to customer needs.

Can you provide customized services?

Yes, we can tailor the plan for you according to your actual needs, and calculate the material cost for you for your reference.

What cold-rolled steel sheet piles can you provide?

We can have all models of cold rolled steel sheet pile, and the price is more advantageous than the hot rolled steel sheet pile.

What types of Z-type steel plate piles can you provide?

We can provide you with all models of steel plate piles, such as Z18-700, Z20-700, Z22-700, Z24-700, Z26-700, etc. Since some hot rolled Z steel products are monopolized, if you need, we can introduce the corresponding cold rolled product model for you as a substitute.

What are the differences between cold-rolled steel sheet pile and hot-rolled steel sheet pile?

Cold rolled steel sheet pile and hot rolled steel sheet pile are manufactured by different processes, and their differences are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Manufacturing process: Cold rolled steel sheet piles are processed by cold rolling process at room temperature, while hot rolled steel sheet piles are processed by hot rolling process at high temperature.

Crystal structure: Due to the different manufacturing process, cold rolled steel sheet pile has a relatively uniform fine grain structure, while hot rolled steel sheet pile has a relatively coarse grain structure.

Physical properties: cold rolled steel sheet piles usually have high strength and hardness, while hot rolled steel sheet piles have good plasticity and toughness.

Surface quality: Due to the different manufacturing process, the surface quality of cold rolled steel sheet pile is usually better, while the surface of hot rolled steel sheet pile may have a certain oxide layer or skin effect.


Can I provide design services?

Of course, there is A professional design department, which is committed to providing customers with high-quality customized processing services. Including steel structure workshop design, all kinds of engineering processing 3D drawings described to meet customers' cutting, welding, drilling, bending, painting, painting and other needs, to help customers to deliver engineering and projects in a faster time. Whether it is simple parts or complex customization, we can provide high-quality customized integrated services according to the requirements of the drawings.

What are the differences between the national standard and the foreign mark?

The national standard has spot, the price and the delivery time have advantages over the foreign standard, and the delivery time is generally 7-15 working days. Of course, if you need foreign standard products, we can also provide them for you.

Can I provide the accessories products?

Of course, we can provide you with one-stop service, which can provide corresponding products according to customers' customized needs.

What are the services available for your installation?

Sorry, we are unable to provide door-to-door installation service, but we provide free online installation guidance, and professional engineers will provide you with one-to-one online installation guidance service.

About transportation

We have established A solid partnership with the world's leading shipping companies. At the same time, relying on the platform of self-run freight company, we integrate resources to build an industry-leading efficient logistics service chain and solve customers' worries at home.


Q: What is the length of the product you can provide?

Our regular length is 3-6 meters. If you need A shorter one, we can provide free cutting service to ensure the neat cut surface.

What is the thickness of the zinc layer that can be provided?

We can provide two processes: electroplating and hot dip zinc. The thickness of zinc galvanizing is usually between 8 and 25 microns, and the thickness of hot dip galvanizing is between 80g / m2 and 120g / m2, according to customer needs.

Can you provide the accessories?

Of course, we can provide corresponding accessories according to the needs of customers, such as anchor bolt, column pipe, measuring pipe, inclined support pipe, connections, bolts, nuts and gaskets, etc.


What are the external standard profiles that can be provided?

We can provide common standard profiles such as American and European standards, such as W flange, IPE / IPN, HEA / HEB, UPN, etc.

What is the starting order quantity?

For foreign standard profiles, our starting quantity is 50 tons.

How to ensure the product resistance and yield strength and other parameters?

We will make MTC to the customer according to the model required by the customer.