Discover European Wide Edge Beams ( HEA / HEB ) : Structural Wonders

European Wide Edge Beams, commonly known as HEA (IPBL) and HEB (IPB), are important structural elements used extensively in construction and engineering projects. These beams are a part of the European standard I-beams, designed to carry heavy loads and provide excellent structural support.


The “H” in HEA and HEB stands for “Wide Flange”, indicating that the wide flange contributes to their excellent load-bearing capacity. These beams are made of high-quality steel to ensure their resilience and reliability in harsh environments. Commonly used in the development of industrial buildings, bridges, and high-rise structures, they help improve the overall stability and safety of the structure.


The design flexibility of  H beams enables engineers and architects to create efficient structural solutions. Whether used to build platforms, mezzanines, or frame supports, their dimensional uniformity and consistent mechanical properties make them a top choice for a variety of construction projects.

Also capable of withstanding dynamic loads and environmental stresses, these beams play a vital role in applications such as railway tracks, highways, and other transportation-related structures.

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