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When it comes to building infrastructure, walkways, or industrial platforms, selecting the appropriate grating material is crucial. Among the various options available, ASTM A36 steel grating and galvanized steel grating are two popular choices known for their durability, strength, and long-lasting performance.

  • Grating Surface Treatment: Electro galvanizing, hot-dip galvanizing, spray paint, anti-rust oil
  • Material Standard: G253/30/100、G303/30/100、 G305/30/100、G323/30/100、G325/30/100、 G403/30/100, G404/30/100, G405/30/100, G505/30/100, G503/30/100, G504/30/100, G254/30/100, G255/30/100, G304/30/100
  • Grating standard: GB/T 700-2006 YB/T4001.1-2007
  • Application: Floor walkway,industrial platform,stair tread,metal ceiling
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    steel grating


    steel grating
    Product name
    Toothed steel grating
    Design style
    Hot Galvanizing, customized
    Bearing Bar
    253/ 255/303/325/ 405/553/655
    Bearing bar pitch
    30mm 50mm 100mm
    Excellent Anti-corrosion Resistance, anti-slip
    Raw material
    Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Q235
    European Standards,GB/T13912-2002,BS729,AS1650
    Weld Way
    Automatic Pressure Resistance Welding
    Chart column empty of goods
    Live space Load flat mesh specifications (width and thickness)
    20x3 25x3 32x3 403 20x5 25x5
    1 30 100 G20330100 E25230H00 C32380F100 G40230100 E205/30100 E255/307100
    50 G20230/50 C253/20/50 C2233050 640340100 C205/00/50 C255/30/50
    2 40 100 6203/401100 8253/40100 E323/401100 640340100 8205/40/100 5255/40/100
    50 G20340/50 G250/40/50 G223/4050 G403140/50 205/4/50 G255/4050
    3 60 50 G203460/50 C25360/50 5253/6050 3403480150 C205/60/50 G255/60150
    Chart column empty of goods
    Live space Load flat mesh specifications (width and thickness)
    32×5 40x5 45x5 5045 55×5 80x5
    1 30 100 G325301100 G40530H00 C45580100 G50530100 G555/30100 E805/30/100
    50 G325/30/50 C405/20/50 G455/3050 S505/30/50 55500/50 G605/8050
    2 40 100 8325401100 840540100 455/40100 G50540100 8555/40/100 2605/40/100
    50 G32540/50 C405/40/50 G4554050 G505/40/50 E555/40/50 G605/40150
    3 60 50 G225.6051 C405/6A/50 G4556050 G50560/50 6555/6050 G6056051


    ASTM A36 steel grating is manufactured using low carbon steel with excellent weldability and formability. It is known for its high strength and exceptional load-bearing capacity. This makes A36 steel grating ideal for heavy-duty applications in industrial settings, such as construction sites, manufacturing plants, and petrochemical facilities. It offers enhanced resistance against impact, heat, and corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan even in harsh environments.

    Galvanized steel grating is manufactured by coating steel with a layer of zinc, offering superior protection against corrosion and rust. The galvanization process enhances the longevity of the grating, making it suitable for outdoor installations or areas exposed to moisture and corrosive elements. Galvanized grating is commonly used in pedestrian walkways, drainage systems, and platforms, where its anti-slip surface adds an extra layer of safety.

    The main difference between ASTM A36 steel grating and galvanized steel grating lies in their corrosion resistance properties. While ASTM A36 grating provides a base level of corrosion resistance, the galvanized coating on steel grating offers superior protection, significantly extending its lifespan. Galvanized steel grating is recommended for applications where corrosion prevention is of utmost importance.


    Steel grating, a versatile and durable product, has gained significant popularity due to its multiple applications across various industries. Composed of interconnected steel bars or plates, steel grating offers exceptional strength, stability, and drainage capabilities.

    1. Industrial Sector:

    The industrial sector extensively employs steel grating for its unmatched strength and safety features. It is commonly used as flooring within factories and warehouses, providing a stable surface for heavy machinery and giving workers a secure footing. Steel grating is also utilized for catwalks, raised platforms, and mezzanines, offering a safe passage for workers to access different areas within the facility.

    2. Construction Industry:

    In the construction industry, steel grating is indispensable. It is extensively used as scaffolding platforms, providing a sturdy and safe working surface for workers at elevated heights. With its high load-bearing capacity, steel grating ensures the safety of construction personnel during various stages of a project. Moreover, steel grating can be customized to meet specific requirements, making it a preferred choice for constructing walkways, staircases, and drainage covers within buildings.

    3. Transportation Sector:

    Due to its excellent strength-to-weight ratio, steel grating finds numerous applications in the transportation sector. It is widely used for creating robust, non-slip walkways and stair treads in vehicle maintenance facilities, airports, train stations, and shipyards. These grating solutions enhance safety and enable efficient movement, even in harsh weather conditions.

    4. Energy and Oil Industry:

    The energy and oil industry relies heavily on steel grating for its durability and resistance to corrosion. Steel grating is commonly used in oil refineries, power plants, and chemical processing facilities. It serves as an ideal flooring solution, especially in areas exposed to liquids, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, ensuring worker safety and preventing accidents.

    5. Commercial and Architectural Applications:

    Steel grating is also finding its way into commercial and architectural projects. Its aesthetic appeal, coupled with its functional advantages, makes it an excellent choice for creating stylish facades, sunshades, and decorative screens. Steel grating can also be used as artistic elements in urban landscapes, offering both visual appeal and practicality.

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    We are manufacturer, and established in 2012 and have 10 years of industry experience in this field.

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    Yes, free samples will be provided anytime.

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    . We make products with good quality and competitive price to ensure our customers benefit;

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    Provide us with the production requirements, size, quantity and arrival port, and we will promptly quote .

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    It depends on the specific order quantity, generally 15~20 days .

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    Provide free design service, customization and warranty service, with strictly quality control and very competitive price.

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